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"3 A's - Accurate, Accountability & Affordable!"
ntpi with bob mckenzie   Robert "Bob" McKenzie,  one of America's most knowledgeable tax lawyers in the IRS resolution field, with Steve at National Tax Practice Institute™ :: Arlington, VA :: July 1999  NTPI® Fellow ~ Tax resolution skills &  knowledge 
We provide door-to-door Accounting, Tax & Consulting at your home or place-of-business.
...or, it's the same for us,
Appointments available at our Home-Office location:
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Mark Lizotte, MBA\MTAX\MAcc 
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Helping my clients keep more of what they earn
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  • The result is never a question for me.
    • Just, what path do you take to get there?
      • There is always one that is most right, and that is what this is.
  • Knowing how it ends, should inform how it begins. 
    • Knowing the end, helps you know what you should do at the beginning.
Are you interested in experiencing an IRS audit?
It’s painful, very painful.
Is that the pain you want in your life?
I’m going to prevent the pain of an audit.
I can’t help if they pick your ticket, but I will comfort you.
I will take full responsibility and will release the stress in your life?
I’m going to support you.
Can I ask you a question sir or madam?
Do you want a tax expert?
 No one is exempt from an IRS audit…
I’m the one that takes the pain away if that happens.

I feel that if a client isn’t saving more in taxes than what I am charging them in fees, then the client needs to re-evaluate doing whatever they are doing?

   We know our clients lead busy lives, so we do not ask for endless meetings to provide tax services;  ...when so much can be accomplished using modern technology...

avt53Do you think, Bill & Melinda Gates, Microsoft® founder, are going to pay an extra $10 million on their tax return if they don't have to?  They'd pay their tax advisor $2 million to get around it, and so should you! 
Our country was founded in part on free enterprise and marketplace competition. We are strong supporters of capitalism; so our bias is in support of teaching people how they can use the tax laws in order to make and keep more money. 

To reduce taxable income, taxpayers can choose between itemizing tax deductions (which requires accurate record-keeping and documentation) or taking the standard deduction.  The standard deduction is a fixed amount that reduces the amount of money on which taxpayers calculate tax to the federal government. Generally, it's better to itemize if you can show that you have more deductible expenses (e.g. mortgage interest + property taxes + state income tax + medical expenses + charitable contributions + union dues + etc.) than the amount of the standard deduction. IRS list of Frivolous Positions

Menu of Services 
  • Accounting | Tax | Consulting
    • QuickBooks® | Bookkeeping
  • Tax Preparation - Federal & all 50 States
    • Individuals
      • Tax returns and filing instructions are prepared for individuals and homeowners each year
    • Business
      • Small business tax returns are prepared each year
        • Sole Proprietor (Schedule C)
        • C-Corp
        • S-Corp
        • Partnership 
        • LLC 
        • Trust/Estate
    • Tax Planning
      • Taxpayers are only required to pay the correct amount of tax. 
        • Establishing objectives to minimize taxes in a consistent and conscientious manner is maintained
        • Year-round tax planning and tax projection services
  • Tax Representation
    • Audits
      • Representation of clients in an audit with the IRS
        • We are federally authorized to represent clients in front of the IRS in audits.
        • Audits may take the form of phone, in office, or on-site audits.
    • Payment Negotiations
      • Work with clients and the IRS to determine the best payment plan for clients to meet their tax liability.
        • There are many plans available from the IRS to help clients to best meet their tax liabilities. We will review each situation and determine the best plan which may include:
          • Currently-Not-Collectible (CNC) 
          • Full-Pay 
          • Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA)
            • “Streamline Eligible” cases with Balance Due under $50K do not require financials (433-F) if Client agrees to full-pay in installments within 72 months and can afford it.
          • Offer in Compromise (OIC) - Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP)
agentIRS Publication 501 outlines each year’s standard deduction amounts. There are circumstances where increases can be made to the standard deduction.  For example, if you are 65 or older, or blind, the standard deduction increases.

Information contained in this presentation is current as of the date presented and should not be considered official guidance.                 

Here are a few handy websites to help you evaluate your noncash items:
  • Salvation Army Link  Value Guide 
  • Goodwill Industries You can download an evaluation guide from the yellow box in the middle of this web page. 
  • link contains Blue Book valuations for different categories of noncash donations from television sets and computers to guns, musical instruments, power tools and more. 
  • According to peers, Stephen B. Jordan, EA " phenomenal, just phenomenal!  He has a tremendous reputation for his work..."
  • Great Prices! Free Consultations! No Pressure!  Our "Price Guarantee"  assures clients that the price that is quoted to them is the actual best price and that there are no surprises, no upselling and no hidden fees. 
  • "Remember, O Stranger, arithmetic is the first of the sciences and the mother of safety." - Sophocles
  • Individual attention with "budget solutions" for everyone...We have a floor for basic consumer protection & fairness.
  • Small business set-up & financial statements
  • Bookkeeping | P&L write-up
  • Business plans & Cash-flow Projections
  • Tax return preparation & planning - Federal & All 50 States    
    • Individual
    • Entrepreneur/Sole Proprietor/LLC
    • Partnership
    • S-Corp
    • C-Corp
    • Trust & estate
    • Tax Exempt organization
  • QuickBooks® consulting (review files)
  • PAYCHEX® Tax & Accounting Services Partner
  • Solving tax problems, we specialize in past-due returns!
  • Comptroller-for-Hire
  • Tax resolution skills (IRS & DOR problems/back taxes/Collection-due-process)
  Who do you want to see financially healthier?
  • Even the playing field with an Enrolled Agent, and finally get peace of mind...
  • Receive money you may be owed by the IRS
  • Be informed of your federal tax rights & responsibilities
  • Get answers to your tax questions -- Quickly
  • Improve and optimize your tax affairs...
  • Experienced comprehensive accountant 35+ years
  • Keep your tax bill low, just by contacting us!
  • Most of all, we do care about your results...  
  • Give us the chance to help you keep your tax bill as low as possible, and keep the IRS off your back at the same time!      

Amy Shoemaker, Outreach Coordinator is a proud member of NASNHA has been a member since 2011.
"Protect The Elderly - We Owe Them Our Lives"  Nursing Home Abuse Guide
  • Anyone off the EZ Form should see an accountant who knows the loopholes!  Your tax savings will be money in the bank!
  • Reminder: Gold, as an investment, is taxed as a "collectible" at 28% when you sell it. Invest with discretion!  
  • Find your federal INCOME TAX BRACKET and tax rate for the current tax year and earlier years. Estimate taxes due this year based on your taxable income and filing status.  

 Successful AuditSolving tax problems, we specialize in past due returns!  
All items below are for information only and are not meant as tax advice. Please consult us (or your own tax adviser) to see how each item impacts your own situation. Any US tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code and cannot be used for that purpose.    

 Thank you for visiting! This Online Office brings accounting, consulting & tax services directly into your home or business enabling you to more actively participate in your own financial management.
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shades Please browse the pages of this site and feel free to e-mail any questions, suggestions or other feedback. This website is meant to be an extension of services provided to you. Visit often as additional news and helpful information will be continually added in an effort to serve you better.  

Is to be a world-class provider of personalized, affordable and professional tax service
delivered with consistent quality and value to individuals and growing businesses.
The future is bright with us!
  • Mr. Jordan is committed to Biblical Principals: Honor God / Golden Rule / Honesty / Integrity / Fairness / Excellence / Stewardship
  • "If people believe in themselves, it is amazing what they can accomplish." - Sam Walton, founder WalMart
"Anyone may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the Treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes.  Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible.  Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands."  -- As Judge Learned Hand stated in Helvering v. Gregory. 9 F.2d 809, 810 (2nd Cir.1934), aff'd 293 U.S. S. Ct. 266 (1935). (a US Supreme Court case!)

Stephen B. Jordan, EA is a full-service accounting & tax firm specializing in supporting QuickBooks® users, individuals, and growing businesses.  If you or your company want to reduce taxes or optimize cash-flow, give us a call.  We will give you our best people.  Mr. Jordan is a tax expert and has a reputation for diligent and comprehensive preparation of individual and business returns to maximize your options.  Mr. Jordan, owner, and  Enrolled Agent, in practice for over 35 years.  Steve is an all-around hard-working guy, family man, and small business owner.  Steve has an excellent attitude and extraordinary spirit.  He has testified and deposed as an "expert witness" on accounting and tax issues at pre-trial hearings and in state Superior Court on behalf of his clients.  He specializes in small business, individual, rentals, tax counseling and complicated returns.  The firm focuses on individuals and entrepreneurs while offering a level of personal and direct involvement to meet our clients' needs and business.  We are accountants who think ahead so you can get ahead!  We offer quality service at affordable rates to help you keep what you have worked to earn!  In today's global economy, effective tax advice planning can give your business a competitive advantage.  We offer a range of "tax services" which are designed to offer clients innovative tax planning.  With the new economy developing rapidly, you and your business deserve high-quality tax advice.  We are committed to delivering this and surpassing your expectations.    
irs logo 1040The Taxman cometh...will you be ready? Have you just received a "love letter" from the IRS? Do you need a Tax Professional? Enrolled Agent? Greater Salem area, serving individuals, and small businesses -- current and delinquent tax returns, IRS audit and collection representation, problem resolution, offers in compromise. Give me a call, 24/7, 365 days a year at 603/893-9336.

For most taxpayers, whether a business or individual, the chance of an IRS examination (audit) is about 1%.  For a taxpayer earning over $1,000,000 per year, the odds exceed 8%.  Less than 1% of S-corporations and partnerships filed are audited.
bookworm2 Odds of IRS audit increase dramatically when: 
  1. information is omitted 
  2. report high incomes
  3. self-employed
  4. fail to file necessary schedules/forms
  5. receive large refunds
  6. deduct casualty losses
  7. claim tax credits
  8. report foreign bank accounts (or don't)
  9. fail to report income reported to IRS by third parties (e.g. banks, brokers, 1099's)
  10. high income with rental losses
  11. currency transaction reports (CTR) (report of a cash deposit of more than $10,000) Form 8300 filed with IRS. 
  12. document mismatches
  13. informants (e.g. disgruntled spouse or employee)
  14. referrals from other federal or state agencies

detective17For a list of common audit triggers... 
We've been through several audits where the IRS has denied business deductions because of lack of receipts. You need 2 things to prove a deduction:
1.  a receipt showing what was purchased, and
2.  proof of payment, Without both, the IRS has denied. 
For meals & entertainment (M&E) expense you need documentation to prove it was a necessary business expense. You should keep a receipt with the name of the person you met with and the nature of the business discussed (who, what, where, when & why).  
  • To back up gas expense you need to keep a mileage log.  Another document the client should keep, (even if using the mileage method for automobile expense) are records of auto repairs.  Auto repair bills have the odometer readings - this helps to justify any mileage claimed.  IRS will look to disallow auto mileage without backup receipts.
  • The IRS will look to disallow any business expense debited on a bank statement without having the applicable backup receipt. 

conf tableFun Little Tax Quiz on IRS Audit of Schedule C  
Assume that you are one of the almost 4% who are going to have your Schedule C business expenses audited by the IRS.
You had the misfortune of being chosen through random selection (50% of audits are random selections; the other 50% are based on test scores).
The three lines that contain the expenses that the IRS is most likely to audit are:  
1.  Car & truck expenses on line 9,   
2.  Travel on line 24(a) and
3.  Meals & Entertainment on line 24(b). 
The reason the IRS targets these lines is simple: The law requires specific records for these expenses. If you don't have properly kept records, you get no deductions.

Car & Truck expenses:  You must have a log that proves your business-mile percentage. Regardless of how you deduct your vehicle, you must have a supporting mileage log.  
  • If you use the IRS standard mileage rate, you need the mileage log.
  • If you use the actual expense method, you need a mileage log -- and you may not use the business standard mileage rate for any vehicle after taking any depreciation expense under MACRS or §179 on that vehicle.
    • In addition to the mileage log, if you are using the actual expense method, you must have a receipt for any car or truck expense. 
  • If you use an appointment book or calendar, save it along with your copy of the tax return.   A mileage log can be reconstructed from those pages; 
  • Save vehicle repair receipts—repair bills often contain the odometer reading, and total mileage for the year can be extrapolated if there is more than one receipt; 
  • Record your beginning and ending odometer reading in your appointment book on Jan 01st and again on Dec 31st. 
Travel expense during the travel, you need both:  
  1. receipts for expenses, and  
  2. entries for each business day saying where you were and listing your business reason(s) for being there that day 
See IRS Pub 463, Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses to determine what you can and can’t deduct and follow the rules. 

man cup of joe laptopMeals & Entertainment expense, including entertainment involving meals, you need:
  1. WHO - record the name or names of the person(s) you entertained, 
  2. WHATrecord the business reason for the entertainment,
  3. WHERErecord the place and type of entertainment,
  4. WHEN - record when the business meeting occurred,
  5. WHY - record the purpose of the business meeting,
  6. HOWkeep receipts for any entertainment. 
Regardless of the system you use (journal, diary, ledger, calendar, computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, smartphone...), make sure that you write down, on a timely basis, the answers to the documentation requirements; WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW.  The law requires timely recording, which the IRS says is anytime within one week
  pencil wavingdocument value
Defend yourself with cutting edge tax knowledge and the shield of confidence provided by an Enrolled Agent.     

MASEAMassachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents (MaSEA) is an organization whose principal concern is the honest, intelligent and ethical representation of the financial position of taxpayers before governmental agencies.
natpNational Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) is a partner for all tax professionals in helping them achieve business success through education, resources, and other services pertinent to the tax preparation business.
naea2National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) is dedicated to empowering enrolled agents through promotion, advocacy, education and support of its members.
 nnesea_logo.pngNorthern New England Society of Enrolled Agents (NNESEA) is a professional membership organization dedicated to representing, promoting and enhancing the enrolled agent profession.

MaSEA BOD 2010 Massachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents :: Board of Directors :: December 2010
lloyd vann seawell II   In Memory of Lloyd "Vann" Seawell II (Feb 09, 1930 – Jan 01, 2012) “Accountants don’t make mistakes, they make adjustments.” - Lloyd "Vann" Seawell II, Professor Emeritus of Accounting - Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
(My "sensei", teacher & instructor. A strong influence on me choosing accounting/tax as my professional career)

(Write each of these down once a day, every day.) 
  1. My income increases every day whether I am working, sleeping or playing. 
  2. A part of all I earn is mine to keep. 
  3. My income now exceeds my expenses. 
  4. Every dollar I spend returns to me multiplied. 
  5. I deserve to be wealthy. 
  6. My job is my pipeline by which I tap into the infinite wealth of the US economy for my personal goals. 
  7. All my investments are profitable. 
  8. Part of my profits goes into permanent wealth, current expenses, capital and reserves. 
  9. I am a contribution; my services are valuable.
  10. It is easy for me to save money; there is always enough. 
  11. Money now comes to me in unexpected ways for the good of all concerned.
  12. People are happy to pay me. 
  13. I am able to ask for what I want.
  14. I always have extra money. 
  15. I now attract prosperous and competent people who want to do business with me.   
  16. Every day I wake up with new wealth. 
  17. I now receive assistance and cooperation from all those people necessary to achieve my desired results. 
  18. All my past failures have given me a tremendous personal advantage. 
  19. I get value from everything I do. 
  20. The more I support prosperity in others, the more they contribute to my financial success.
  21. I can achieve great results efficiently and without a struggle; 
  22. I always find the easiest and most pleasurable way to get things done. 
  23. Wealth comes easily to me.

    god bless    albert-einstein x+y+z  albert-einstein 
  • "A problem defined is a problem half-solved." -- Albert Einstein  
  • "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.  Man's greatest invention". -- Albert Einstein
  • "Only a fool holds anger in his bosom." -- Albert Einstein   
  • "A man without self-control is as defenseless as a city with crumbling walls." -- Proverbs 25:28
  • "Now your attitudes and thoughts must all be constantly changing for the better." -- Ephesians 4:23 
  • "Save your money, pay your taxes, it doesn't last forever" -- WWE Hall of Famer - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Long live Pacioli! (1445–1517) Luca Pacioli, "Father of Accounting", one of the greatest men of the Renaissance, was an Italian mathematician, a Franciscan friar, collaborator with Leonardo da Vinci, and seminal contributor to the field now known as accounting. Pacioli wrote and published Summa de Arithmetica (1494), a treatise on Mathematics, Geometry, Proportion and Proportionality.

  • Summa described double-entry accounting (Venetian Method), a new state-of-the-art system, which revolutionized economy and business. Summa was the most widely read mathematical work in all of Italy and became one of the first books published on the Gutenberg press. 
  • Summa is the oldest printed manual on double-entry bookkeeping, written by the Tuscan Franciscan Lucas Pacioli, a friend of Leonardo da Vinci. This elaborate mathematical manual was first printed in 1494. Pacioli writes that the three prerequisites for a successful businessman are:
    • access to cash,
    • skill in accounting, and
    • keeping written records.  Unless he obtains peace of mind this way, he will have endless worries.

Accounting services provided by this firm do not require a state license.

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