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Stephen B Jordan EA  
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Stephen B Jordan EA  
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Windham, NH 03087
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• Regarding your federal and state tax returns...There are tax deductions now available to you that can dramatically reduce the amount of taxes you are paying. Most people overlook or fail to fully claim these deductions, resulting in overpayment. If you would like more information, please contact us. As you know, it is each taxpayer's responsibility to claim tax deductions for which they qualify. Stephen B. Jordan EA makes people aware of these deductions allowing people and small businesses to pay the absolute minimum in taxes. We are tax experts and strategists available to review your last three years tax returns, at no cost or obligation, to determine the number of additional deductions you can use to reduce your tax bill.
You can find out how to:
  • audit-proof your tax return,
  • deduct education, travel, medical and entertainment costs, and
  • avoid the most common mistakes individuals and small businesses make.
If you would like more information or to request your free tax return review, call, fax or email us your name and your home or work phone number and a good time to reach you at that number. Thank you for your time and interest, and goodbye for now.
• For your convenience you can contact the office using either the telephone, fax, e-mail or US Mail as provided below. We encourage you to contact our office by telephone or e-mail and ask for a FREE copy of your informative brochure "HOW TO KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU MAKE"
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"Put a tax expert on your side"
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Stephen B Jordan EA
35+ years experience 
We can help you:
:: be informed of your federal tax rights & responsibilities
:: receive money you may be owed by the IRS
:: create a long-term plan for future success...
The Psychology of Taxes on Entrepreneurs or, How to get small businesses back on track...
As an Accountant (and entrepreneur myself), I have a unique vantage point to observe how entrepreneurs change their decisions based on tax policy.  My focus as a business advisor is making businesses more profitable first, then dealing with the tax implications.  As much as I would like to focus on profit, I regularly have to “reprogram” the way entrepreneurs think about taxes. With new clients, I often have to overcome the advice given by their former advisor.  I would classify entrepreneurs into three groups when it comes to taxes:    
  • No Taxes, No Way Boris & Natasha. These people will do anything possible, including cheating, to avoid paying taxes.  From our experience with clients we turn down or disengage, this problem is likely bigger than even the IRS estimates.
  • Accidently Profitable Mac & Mira. These people are so focused and passionate about their business they forget to plan for success, and the resulting taxes often come as a surprise? Many times this occurs from a cash-out event rather than ongoing profit.
  • Enduring Entrepreneurs Dick & Jane.  This is my favorite type of entrepreneur to work with because they are building a lasting business that will be a tremendous wealth-generating engine for them and their family.  This entrepreneur is sometimes held back by bad advisors who encourage them to waste wealth to avoid taxes, but their instinct and common sense frequently help them overcome any faulty counsel.
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